About us

Sportorders specialises in the production and distribution of European sport brands for the fitness sector and endurance sport.

In addition to the First Class Nutrition and MP3 Drinks own brands, Sportorders distributes 20 sport food brands and fitness related brands.

Sportorders offer international companies the option to start up their own brand under a private label, and also to support them with the necessary expert advice.

Mission Statement

The nutritional supplement sector has to deal with a number of advantages in the affectivity and legality of its products. Sportorders supports this fully by applying the strictest quality standards to its products and by closely respecting the respective legislation. As the law prescribes, all Sportorders products bear an official and verifiable notification number.


Sportorders also claims that all of our products are doping-free, not one of our products contains materials listed as banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Distributie en Customer Service

Sportorders distributes more than 20 top brands across Belgium, Benelux and Europe. Our products are available in more than 400 businesses in Belgium and more than 1460 worldwide. Since 2006 we have developed and produced our own Premium brands.

Since our foundation in 1993, we have given the greatest possible care to the quality of our products and service. In 2010 this lead to the expansion of our team, with the addition of a further 5 people to our Customer Care department.

Production Premium Brands

Because Sportorders produces most of its products itself with the best available ingredients and in collaboration with the best production houses working under GMP, EEC and HACCP standards, we are able to offer you the best supplements available on the market. This means that Sportorders is not only able to react flexibly to the market and use highly competitive pricing, but we also manage our own quality using internal and external controls.

This means that every claim about the processing and affectivity of each product is true. Our clients always get what they pay for.

Production Private Labels

Want to develop your own sports drink? Sports water with your logo? Your own nutritional supplement?

Sportorders can help.

In recent years Sportorders has specialised in the production of sports drinks and nutritional supplements for other brands, sports businesses and events. Your own sports drink is the perfect way to extend your image to your target group. Make sure that your clients build up a stronger relationship with your business by offering your own drinks. Or develop a supplement with your own tastes and packaging.

Ask us for no-obligation advice.